Truck 8.55 Promotion - keep on trucking!

Truck 8.55 Promotion - keep on trucking!


TRUCK 8.55 PROMOTION - Drives off at some speed!

Since the launch of the TFP Schemes Truck 8.55 in September 2015, we have seen this exclusive fleet product become very popular with our brokers as the first choice for their clients' needs.

To celebrate the growth of the product and to thank you for your continued support during the month of September and October we are providing additional added value rewards for every TFP Schemes 8.55 policy sold

Truck 8.55 promotion - every policy sold will receive:

* A Truck Driving Experience (or vouchers)

There is nothing like driving a huge articulated truck. A long way from the stereotype of Sun reading, Yorkie bar munching truckers at the wheel with the CB radio on, modern HGV trucks have super comfortable cabs with aircon, hydraulic driving seats and all the GPS gadgets you need.


* A "special" 8.55 reward from TFP to help you enjoy the Summer!

British Truck Racing Championship

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In addition, to celebrate our best performing 8.55 truck superstars, the top six - 8.55 truck(sell)ers will join TFP Schemes for a Corporate Day at the final round of the British Truck Racing Championship at Brands Hatch on the 6th November 2016, as we get up close to all the action in a weather proof events suite allowing you to enjoy the thrills of high speed racing in comfort. The racing is followed by a spectacular season closing fire-work display!!

The racing is followed by a spectacular season closing fire-work display!!

Track action will be headlined by big grids of five-tonne 1000 horsepower behemoths, capable of accelerating as rapidly as a Porsche 911! 

So get ready, the race to the chequered flag is on!

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