World Cup Challenge

World Cup Challenge


Get your office involved and get everyone to take part in the TFP Schemes event. 

The TFP Schemes World Cup Challenge is easy to enter and will keep all the office waiting in anticipation to see if their predictions come out on top and win the great weekly prize of Compliments Gift Vouchers.
Why not enter the TFP Schemes Challenge and also run your own World Cup Challenge in your office to "double the fun".    

How to take part.

Simply predict the scores of our three selected games each week of the World Cup and WIN some great prizes.

As usual, the TFP Schemes World Cup Challenge is "Totally Broker Dedicated" and therefore open to all intermediaries to enter.

This is the first World Cup Challenge email and the first predictions required from you (for the first week only)  must be returned to us before the start of the tournament on the 12th June.

To get full details of how to take part open the World Cup Challenge flyer here . If you are unable to open the flyer please email worldcup@tfpschemes and we will send a copy to you by email.      


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