World Cup Challenge Conclusion

World Cup Challenge Conclusion


Here are our highlights:

  • Van Persie's header in the demolition of Spain  
  • Colombia's impact on the tournament
  • Costa Rica's surprise performance in the Group stage
  • James Rodriguez - surely coming to the Premiership sometime soon! 
  • Germany beating Brazil 7-1 - a day you will say to your children "I remember watching that game and spilling my drink and Pringles all over the sofa in total disbelief when the 5th goal went in!!! "
  • The Brazilian fans who in the depths of disappear cheered the 7th Germany goal.  

Anyway we hope you all enjoyed taking part in the TFP World Cup Challenge and of course the football. Its time to take those posters down.

Finally we wish Alan Hansen a happy retirement and would like to thank him for all the great Saturday nights over the last 22 years - yawn!  Just joking.  

Final Results.

The scores that count.

Holland proved much to strong for the lack lustre Brazil and inept performances in defence again cost the Brazilains severly, finally losing 3 -0 in the Third Place Final.

A final full of missed goal opportunities saw Germany eventually win with a superb goal by Goetze which was worthy of winning any World Cup Final.

The results were:

  • Netherlands 3 Brazil 0 
  • Germany 1 Argentina 0 

Tie break answer - predict the time of the latest goal in the final games -  113 Minutes

After all the results were reveiwed the winner of the week five predictions was Rob Poutney of Murton Alexander who scored 9 points and won on the tie break  

Congratulations to Rob and all our other winners. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the World Cup Challenge over the whole tournament we had hundereds of entries making this our most popular sporting challenge to date.   

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