World Cup Challenge - Update Week 4

World Cup Challenge - Update Week 4


Has there ever been such a breath taking game in world football previously? Here are our thoughts on games that almost came close:   

  • Italy 4-3 West Germany 1970

It was dubbed the "Game of the Century" but this seven-goal thriller was dangerously close to fizzling out into a laborious Italian victory until the Germas took it to extra time.

  • England 4-2 West Germany 1966

Was it a goal or not? Hurst completed his hat-trick late on in extra-time and complete a stunning victory. 

  • Netherlands 1-2 West Germany 1974

It was the dream final -- the host nation against the team playing one of the most beautiful brands of football ever seen. 

Are we going to see another mouthwatering match before this world cup is over? You never know..Brazil 2014 to date has certainly been a World Cup to remember but possibly for the wrong reasons for Brazil fans!!!

Final Week Predictions

The chosen games in the final week of the World Cup are shown below and we would ask you to email your predicted scores by the start of the first game on the 12th July.

If you predict the correct match winner you will receive 3 points, the correct score at the end of extra time receives another 3 points. The individual with the highest number of points each week will win a Compliment Gift Voucher to be used in a range of high street stores.

Final Week

We require you to predict the scores from the following two Finals:

12th July Third Place Final

Brazil v Netherlands

13th July - World Cup Final 

Germany v Argentina 

Also complete the following tie break question:

Predict the time of the latest goal, including extra time, in the Final 2 games

When you have decided on your predictions email the 2 scores and the tie break answer to:

We will send the results after the World Cup Final.   

Week Four - Results.

The scores that count.

Germany march on into the World Cup Final with an exciting match against Argentina  to be played on Sunday.

After a lacklustre match Argentina eventually beat the Netherlands on penalties to ensure their place in the World Cup Final. This sees Germany play Argentina for the third time
in a World Cup Final (1986 and 1990), both teams have won a final each to date.

The results were:

  • Brazil 1 v Germany 7 
  • Netherlands 0 v Argentina 0 (Argentina win on penalties) 

Tie break answer - Predict the number of penalty kicks in the above 2 games - 8    

Not surprisingly there were no correct predicted scores for the Brazil -Germany match however after all the results were reveiwed the winner of the week four predictions was  Tony Harvey of FR Ball who scored 6 points.

Congratulations to Tony and good luck to everyone in the final week. 

Don't forget your predictions for the Final Week need to be in before the start of the Third Place Final on the 12th July.  

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