World Cup Challenge - Update Week 3

World Cup Challenge - Update Week 3


Pundits are already listing their favourite goals of the tournament to date with the top 3 at the moment listed by us are in no particular order:

  • Robin Van Persie - Superb header against Spain
  • Tim Cahill - with an astonishing volley against the Netherlands
  • And another wonderful volley from James Rodrigues of Columbia versus Uruguay.

With still many more matches to come we expect this top three list to change before the end of the World Cup - What are your top 3 goals?

Week Four Predictions

The chosen games in the fourth week of the World Cup are shown below and we would ask you to email your predicted scores by the start of the first semi final on the 8th July.

If you predict the correct match winner you will receive 3 points, the correct score at the end of extra time receives another 3 points. The individual with the highest number of points each week will win a Compliment Gift Voucher to be used in a range of high street stores.


We require you to predict the scores from the following two Semi Finals:

8th July - Semi final 1
(Winner Quarter Final 1 v Winner Quarter Final 2)

9th July - Semi Final 2
(Winner Quarter Final 3 V Winner Quarter Final 4)

Also complete the following tie break question:

Predict the total number of penalty kicks scored in the above games (including shoot outs)

When you have decided on your predictions email the 2 scores and the tie break answer to:

We will send  the Week Five Match choices in an email on the 9th July before the start of the final week so you can enter the last round of predictions. Keep a look out for this email so you don't miss your chance to win more vouchers.

Week Three - Results.

The scores that count.

A breathtaking game started the last 16 matches with

Brazil narrowly beating Chile on penalties. Desperately unlucky Chile hit the woodwork twice before being eliminated from the competition.

Columbia were too strong for Uruguay who lacked "bite" in their attack without the missing Suarez!

Finally the Netherlands eventually came out winners against a brave Mexico team getting a late winner to go through to the quarter finals.

The results were:

  • Brazil 1 v Chile 1 (Brazil go through on penalties)    
  • Colombia 2 v Uruguay 0
  • Netherlands 2 v Mexico 1

Tie Break answer - Predict the total number of yellow cards in the above 3 games -   13

After all the results were reveiwed the winner of the second week predictions wasNick Keast of Barry Fenton Insurance who scored 15 points but won by predicting the closest correct number of yellow cards in the tie break question.

Congratulations to Nick and good luck to everyone in Week Three.

Don't forget your predictions for Week Four need to be in before the start of the first semi final on the 8th July.  

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