World Cup Challenge Update

World Cup Challenge Update


The first week has seen many great moments:
•    Van Persie's wonder header
•    Costa Rica's humbling of Uruguay
•    World Cups first use of goal line technology
•    and the first appearance of vanishing spray!!!  

Week Two Predictions

The chosen games in the second week of the World Cup are shown below and we would ask you to email your predicted scores by the 19th June.

If you predict the correct match winner you will receive 3 points, the correct score receives another 3 points. The individual with the highest number of points each week will win a Compliment Gift Voucher to be used in a range of high street stores.


We require you to predict the scores from the following 3 games:

19th June - Uruguay v England

22nd June -  Belgium v Russia

24th June - Japan v Colombia

Also complete the following tie break question:

Predict the total number of goals in the above 3 games

When you have decided on your predictions email the 3 scores and the tie break answer to:

We will send  the Week Three Match choices in an email on the 25th June before the start of the 3rd week so you can enter the next round of predictions. Keep a look out for this email so you don't miss your chance to win more vouchers.

Week One - Results.

The scores that count.

The key games from Week One brought few surprises, but the dubious refereeing decisions in the opener, Wayne Rooney's missed goal opportunity and the last minute winner from Switzerland all impacted on the final results in Week One of our World Cup challenge.

The results were:

  • Brazil 3 v Croatia 1  
  • England 1 v Italy 2  
  • Switzerland 2 v Ecuador 1

Tie Break answer - fastest goal in the above 3 games was scored in the 11 minute by Marcelo of Croatia.

After all the results were reveiwed the winner of the first week predictions was Paul Monaco from Focus Independent Insurance Consultants.   

Amazingly Paul got the full 18 points will all winners and scores correct. He was not the only one to do so but won by predicting the closest Fastest Goal Tiebreak time and therefore took the first weeks prize.

Congratulations to Paul and good luck to everyone in Week Two.

Don't forget your predictions for Week Two need to be in by the 19th June.  



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