TFP Schemes New Truck Fleet product "8.55"

TFP Schemes New Truck Fleet product "8.55"


TFP Schemes has introduced a new Truck Fleet policy so we can now cover fleets between 5 and 9 vehicles.

CCTV cameras are a key part of the product, where not already installed to required specification your client will receive complimentary CCTV cameras in all their vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

TFP Truck Fleet 8.55 benefits include:8.55 Policy

  • Underwritten by Aviva
  • Complimentary CCTV cameras installed in all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
  • 2 year fixed premium
  • Low claims rebate  
  • Attached and detached trailer cover as standard    
  • European use
  • Driver support cover following accidents                     
  • CCTV discounts if approved cameras already fitted
  • "Yes Claim Bonus" claims initiative
  • Breakdown cover option


The TFP Truck Fleet 8.55 policy is designed for fleets between 5 and 9 vehicles, which complements our existing Truck policy. We are now able to cover risks from 1 to 9 vehicles.


If you would like more information please contact our Truck Helpdesk on 029 2030 1030 or contact our Broker Account Manager Dave Tuck who will be delighted to visit you to discuss your requirements further.  


Thanks for your continued support  

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