TFP Schemes – Christmas Card Donation

TFP Schemes – Christmas Card Donation


TFP Schemes are assisting a young family who are raising funds to ensure that their two your old son has a “walking future”. The company is donating the money that would be spent on Christmas cards ( £500 ) to a fund set up for Noah Stephenson who, at eight months of age, contracted meningitis and had to have his lower left leg amputated to enable him to fight the virus

Dad-of-two Gareth Stephenson will cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End this September to raise funds for his two-year-old son.

The 35-year-old, who also lives with fiancée Nicki Jay and their other son Zak, four, are fundraising to help towards any prosthetic legs and treatment needed that may not be funded on the NHS.

Gareth is being joined by 4 friends and a support team for the 950-mile, ten day mission which includes Gareth’s father Bob, 62, who will help man the mini bus kindly equipped with water from sponsors Brecon Carreg and Eat Natural Bars which will assist with the riders need to eat 17,000 calories a day.

Gareth, who has previously run the Cardiff Half Marathon, said: “We are raising money for my son Noah, who at eight months old in March 2013 contracted meningitis and very nearly lost his life. They came and said to us, “It’s not good. Expect the worst. As a result of fighting the virus, he lost circulation to his extremities and five days after getting ill we were forced to allow his lower left leg to be amputated in order for his body to fight the virus. It was quite an easy decision to be honest. There was no other option and it wasn’t doing him any good. Since that time he has also lost the tips of some of his fingers and half of four toes on his remaining foot. He spent five weeks in high dependency. In the year and half since this time he has gone from strength to strength and within six months of the terrible illness he was walking for the first time with the help of a prosthetic leg. He is now on his fourth leg as he is growing so quick and to look at him you probably wouldn't know. Nothing fazes him – he’ll have a go. His balance is brilliant. We are raising funds for his future to help provide him with any specialist treatment or prosthetics that he may not get on the NHS.”


All the staff at TFP Schemes wish Gareth every success for the bike ride and the efforts of the family to help secure “Noah’s Walking Future”.

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