NEW enhanced rating - mechanical plant, mobile plant, cranes

NEW enhanced rating - mechanical plant, mobile plant, cranes


We are pleased to announce new improved rates from 1st June 2015 on our Special Types product.

Our Special Types and Agricultural product provides cover for a wide range of plant and agricultural vehicle types.


You can cover up to 12 vehicles or items of plant on the policy, providing flexible insurance offering a variety of options that can be tailored to suit individual needs. To see a full list of vehicles covered click here.  


Targeted rate reductions - ask for a quote today via TFP Solo or call 029 2030 1030


We have now enhanced the rates on this policy and the significant changes in many areas will ensure that the policy provides a very competitive alternative to any existing cover.  



Special Types Cover

To highlight our "unique and innovative" Special Types policy a very unusual "Scribble Down" promotional pack will shortly be with you. If you look carefully you will find some well known TFP Schemes personalities adorning the front cover and beyond!


If you are of a certain age you will remember Scribble Downs. The rush to open the Kellogg's box before your brothers and sisters to rummage through the cornflakes to search for the rub down stickers will be remembered fondly by everyone.   


Have a go at making the Scribble Down scene (or ask your children- they will love it!) and send in your finished artwork by email or post and you could win a weekend away for two for the most creative picture.  


I would highly recommend our Special Types and Agricultural Vehicles policy to you - why not give it a go next time you require cover for mechanical plant, mobile plant, cranes or other special types vehicles and any business written via TFP Schemes will contribute to any "deal" arrangement you have with Aviva.  You can't really lose! 


Thanks again for your continued support. 



Damian Walsh



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