IQ provides an instant quotation allowing County Insurance to search quickly and efficiently panel members products to provide taxi drivers with the best quote. The system means that taxi advisors do not have to search multiple systems saving time for the customer and providing them with a range of policy options and price comparisons.

TFP Schemes were delighted to work with County Insurance on the project and were early adopters in the process, working closely with County Insurance in the development and testing of this software to ensure that the system ran efficiently returning the correct information and pricing.

Now 3 months old, IQ is working smoothly and insureTAXI (the trading name used by County Insurance for the new proposition) is now able to provide a taxi insurance quotation while the customer is waiting on the phone. For those that have been driving taxis for years, this is a significant development in the market and TFP Schemes wishes every success to County Insurance on the new IQ Project. 

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