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The extended range of Fleet Policies from TFP Schemes 

Many of our brokers will be aware of the excellent service provided by our Taxi Fleet team over the last 20 years, but did you know we have expanded our Fleet Products to include:

TFP Truck Fleet

Our CCTV based Truck Fleet product, underwritten by Aviva, offers many benefits that include a 2 year fixed rate, low claims rebate and complimentary CCTV cameras. Suitable for businesses operating between 3 and 12 vehicles we can accept Vans, Special Types and  private cars providing the overall fleet has the majority or Trucks over 3.5 GVW on the schedule.

Business Mini Fleet

Underwritten by Covea and designed for businesses operating a fleet of 3 to 25 vehicles comprising of cars and small commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight up to 7.5 tonnes. Cover is provided for the business use as well as social, domestic and pleasure purposes, although hire and reward is excluded. A range of special type vehicles can also be included.

TFP Taxi Fleet

And don't forget - we still write Taxi Fleets!!!

For quotes please email the Fleet sales team at Sales@TFPSchemes.co.uk 



3,000,000 SOLO QUOTES!

We would also like to congratulate Steve Roberts of One Sure Insurance who received a prize from TFP Schemes for processing our 3 millionth Solo quote.

A big thank you to Steve and his team from all at TFP Schemes.

Thank you for your continued support.     

Steve Roberts


 Business Mini Fleet


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