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Dear Agent,



We wrote to you some time ago regarding the searches we undertake on your customers before we provide you with a quotation or renewal.  

These include claims checks, identity checks, CCJ checks and the like. The searches we complete and the data we obtain is all in the public domain, so as a result leaves only a "soft footprint" against their file and therefore has no impact on their credit rating.

All we need you to do is make sure that at the time you speak to the customer you explain that TFP Schemes may carry out searches against them and that it doesn't affect their credit file

Further information is available here TFP Schemes Privacy Policy


 Timeout Flyer  

TFP Motor Trade Road Risk Campaign - ends 31st August.

The Motor Trade Road Risk campaign comes to an end on the 31st August.

Thanks to all brokers who supported the promotion ...we do hope you enjoyed your chocolates so far! 

Just a reminder that you do need to get your policies on cover by the 31st August to ensure that they qualify for the promotion and you earn even more chocolates!!! 

Thank you for your continued support.

Damian Walsh 

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