Important CCTV Discounts


CCTV Triangle

Many drivers choose CCTV for their personal safety as well as protection from a society where accident fraud is sadly increasing,

TFP Schemes are extending its CCTV discounts to its other products which include:

  • Single Taxi
  • Aviva Taxi
  • Executive
  • Day Driver
  • Multi Vehicle 

We acknowledge the benefits of having CCTV cameras and are passing this on to our clients


The systems listed opposite will qualify for a discount provided they are hardwired.     

The choice of systems, including lockable units, should satisfy most authorities.    

Our Solo client management system will shortly be changed to automatically allow a discount but in the meantime contact our Solo team or use live chat to amend client premiums.   

We will require evidence of fitting within 30 days of applying the discount.

There is no change to our policy cover although we do reserve the right to retrospectively remove the discount if no fitting proof is provided, or where footage is not provided when it is requested.

Qualifying CCTV Systems 

Make                    Model                  Where to Find


VUE CCTV         VDR(S) **              TFP Website  - click here 

                            VUE                      ** 2 camera system.


Smart Witness   SVC100GPS         PDF Attached -click here  



RoadHawk         DC-1                     PDF Attached - click here 



Each company have their own fitting arrangements, UK wide. The PDF's, or web for VUE-CCTV, show all prices including fitting.    

For more information call us today on 029 2030 1231. 



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