Abolishment of Counterpart Licence 8th June 2015 - TFP Schemes Update

Abolishment of Counterpart Licence 8th June 2015 - TFP Schemes Update


In the interim period, we will continue to request copies of driving licences in the normal manner for each policyholder and driver who may use the vehicle(s) on cover. This information can be provided to us in a number of ways;  

  • Where the client / driver has not destroyed his paper counterpart we will continue to accept these until further notice.       
  • Where the paper counterpart has been destroyed as per DVLA guidelines for individuals who hold a photocard licence with paper counterpart, we will accept a PDF or full printout of the clients driving record available to the individual via the View My Driving Record portal. **· 
  • Alternatively if the client is unable to download or print their record, the client may provide this information to us through you, via the access code given to them under the Share My Licence Record under the same portal and selecting the 'Share Your Licence' Tab. The client will be given a unique, one time use only code which must be provided to us within 72 hours of generation, along with the last 8 digits of the drivers individual driving licence number so that we may check and validate the driver's details. After 72 hours this code becomes invalid. Further information, including a short video on how to share your driving record is available here ** 

**Please note that where the above options are used we must also receive a copy of the individual drivers photocard licence so that we may verify Client ID and address details as part of our anti-fraud measures.

Should you have any queries regarding this or any other matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Sharon Morse
Fraud, Compliance & Technology Manager

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