The 12 "Daves" of Christmas Promotion

The 12 "Daves" of Christmas Promotion


We are delighted to announce that the TFP Schemes Christmas promotion commences on November 17th with the "12 Daves of Christmas" event , where you can gain shopping vouchers for each sale of selected TFP Schemes products.

The promotion ends on 12th December.

Full information can be found on our latest newsletter which you can view by clicking the image below.

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Register Today

To join in the promotion you must register by emailing your details to

For each new sale of the products listed below  the following DAVE Reward Points will be allocated to the individual broker.

  • Day Driver - 12 points
  • Premier Fleet - 10 points
  • Fleet - 7 points
  • Truck - 5 points
  • Executive - 5 points
  • Special Types - 5 points
  • Funeral Home - 5 points

50 Dave Points equals £250 of shopping vouchers and points and vouchers are unlimited.


Dave the Day Driver - "We don't care what he does at night....he's a day driver!"


The legendary "Dave the Day Driver" provides the theme to this year's Christmas promotion - showcasing the many things he enjoys once the day driver shift finishes at 10.00pm - whether it's following his love of astronomy, disco dancing, night fishing, bar lounge singer or indeed his top secret seasonal activity - delivering Christmas presents!!

See if you can name all his favourite night time pursuits in the main photo at the top of this email!

The second Dave the Day Driver "cut out" is on it's way to you with our latest newsletter.

To read about the second instalment of "A Day in the Life of Dave the Day Driver" click here.

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