Dynamic Pricing Structure (DPS) extended to TFP Executive.

Dynamic Pricing Structure (DPS) extended to TFP Executive.


In Autumn 2013 TFP Schemes introduced our Dynamic Pricing Structure to our Single Taxi policy.

The Dynamic Pricing Structure (DPS) allowed us to more accurately price our business.  This multiplicative application uses both public data and rating features to profile our customers and better understand the risks we are underwriting enabling us to price each individual risk more accurately.  

As a result the TFP Taxi product became more competitive and provided many benefits to both our brokers and their clients as we were able to strongly compete for risks we previously had not been able to.    

After further development we are now delighted to announce that the Dynamic Pricing Structure is to be extended to our TFP Executive policy which provides 'first class' cover for chauffeured vehicles including wedding and funeral cars.   

We would therefore now encourage you if you have not already tried our Executive policy to give it a go! You may be somewhat surprised by what you discover!  

Should you need any further information or wish to discuss any of the above, please let me know.

Thanks again for your continued support. 

Damian Walsh



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