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Low Speed Impact Claims

We have all heard in the news about fraudulent claims costing every honest motorist £50 a year in additional premiums.


One of the most common types of fraudulent personal injury claims come from Low Speed Impact (LSI) incidents. Unlike the high profile organised fraud scams, LSI fraud is committed by opportunist fraudsters who are looking to make a financial gain from very minor incidents; which could result in injury.


This particular type of fraud is verify difficult to prove and even more difficult to defend. However, the tide is turning and Aviva, with the support of their policyholders are fighting these claims. Judges are now more sympathetic to insurers who, armed with the right evidence, aim to tackle fraud head-on. In fact, Aviva win 3 out of 4 cases that they defend all the way to court.


Aviva Low Speed Impact Claims - A customer story, Tony Attwood

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Driving Motor Claims Reform - Andrew Morrish, Motor Claims Director

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