Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras qualify for insurance discounts and what do they cost?

There are a range of TFP approved cameras to choose from, the Smart Witness and RoadHawk links provide further information on camera specification and costs Please click here for details.  

Cameras must be hard-wire installed to be acceptable. This work is done by the CCTV companies recommended installers. Systems have to have at least one forward facing camera to qualify.  

Where in my vehicle would the camera be fitted?

Forward facing cameras are usually fitted behind the rear view mirror so they do not obscure driver vision. Strict rules apply on where parts are fitted on windscreens.  The installation companies follow these rules.

Where can I buy the CCTV vehicle camera?

Information and prices for approved models can be found on this website for each CCTV company.  

I am a Taxi Driver. Will my Licensing Authority allow the camera I choose?

Most licensing authorities will permit the use of CCTV accident cameras provided they are satisfied with the security of CCTV footage and its encryption. Some will require cameras to be housed in lockable boxes giving access to authorised persons only.

Unfortunately there is no consistent standard in place across the 330+ licensing areas in the UK. As refunds cannot be made once cameras have been purchased and installed it is advisable to contact your licensing authority and check before you buy.

Will fitting a camera reduce my insurance premium and are there any special conditions?

Discounts apply if approved cameras are fitted for single vehicle taxi and truck policies. Installation is required within 30 days of the policy start date, or renewal, fitting evidence will not be provided.       

Speak with your insurance intermediary for more information on the discount.   

Additional FAQ's

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