CCTV The Solution

Professionally fitted CCTV for vehicle(s) which

- shows a footprint of vehicle location, speed, driving style and the G force impact of any accidents
- provdes high wide angle resolution during the day or night
- continually and securely records joruneys seperately saving event data on SD cards
- is easy to operate with zero maintenance once fitted 

Benefits drivers and businesses by    

- helping to prove driver innocence with a video account of what accutally happened
- providing solid evidence to defend claims and use in a court of law
- giving users information through viewing software to improve driving behaviours
- contributing to improved driver behaviour
- benefiting fuel economy and maintenance costs
- provding drivers (and passengers) with a safer environment
- helping to reduce false accusations or mitigate the impact of them
- better control of future insurance premiums

CCTV purchased is your equipment that will be owned by you.  It can be transferred to future vehicles or sold with them potentially enhancing resale values.   

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